Instagram has become a key channel for any marketing plan or campaign. Be it for promotion purposes, customer service, e-commerce or engagement, it’s rare to find a company that is not present in this social network, and with the rapid rise of Instagram Stories and Instagram TV, video marketing now has an important channel to be used as part of the plan. Here I’ll explain the best ways of using Instagram for your video production, and take the most advantage of this platform.

Videos on Instagram have produced (for a while now) a total change in this platform. They’ve allowed influencers to connect more with their audience and for ordinary users to expose their lives even more on the social network. It has even allowed the migration of the old influencers from Vine to Instagram.

Video marketing on Instagram

  1. Instagram stories:

A widely used tool lately is to make product reviews through the stories of influencers. This typology allows talking as much as they want about a product because the content is deleted after 24 hours and there is no trace of it. This tool also allows influencers to promote brands closely, since they are usually the ones who record themselves and give opinions “in real-time”, with videos that are not edited or produced. This is a more informal and fun testimonial that attracts younger audiences such as Millennials and Generation Z, while also keeping an expiration date.

  • Live videos:

Live videos are an indispensable tool that allows brands or people to share experiences in real-time, which boosts up by the fear of missing out while engaging with audiences through a shared -usually unforgettable- experience. In this case, live videos can be made from influencers’ profiles or from the brand itself (as in the case of Victoria’s Secret, which often shows Stories or live videos made by its models).

The brands that choose this type of video production for their promotion have a wide range of possibilities: they can make the video in their event to give it repercussion, they can collaborate with an influencer, who will show the product and can answer the questions of their audience on time real, among many other things. Live videos are easily one of the best ways to use Instagram for your video marketing strategy.

  • Promoted videos:

This category is advertising video productions promoted in the platform and the most common one. It’s the traditional Instagram ad (paid and managed as advertising by the same platform), that only appears in the form of video in the targeted audience’s feed. If big brands choose to do, it’s usually with a shorter adaptation of the television spot. However, nowadays more brands and companies are committed to creating content intended solely for the digital field.

For this type of video, the essence of the storytelling is everything. A compelling and engaging story will allow your brand to attract the attention of your potential customers and engage with them in just 15 seconds.

  • Promote through influencers:

It consists of hanging the promotional piece in the profile of the influencer, which ensures a high impact on the desired target (since the use of the character itself is already a market segmentation in itself). These can be advertisements used on other channels as well, which find your site on Instagram based on the profile of the public character.

For example, Fiji Water worked with Danielle Bernstein to make an Instagram campaign offering eight-minute workout videos, demonstrating Fiji’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle and hydration for those who want to feel and look as fit as Danielle.





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