We all know that offering an excellent service nowadays it’s not enough: customers are paying for service, product and experience. And with a fast-growing competitive market, their expectations are high.

Have you ever been to a, let’s say, a restaurant. Food looks amazing, reviews are promising, your expectations are flying so high you can’t see them anymore. But the waiters treat you terribly, you have to wait an hour for this amazing food, not to mention that they serve your table every 20 minutes. By the time the gourmet delight comes to you, you’re not even in the mood to properly enjoy.

Don’t make these mistakes with your own clients. Let’s check these key points to improve customer service and build a relationship with your clients that will last.

Be available

No one wants to feel ignored. This does not mean you’ll have to be available 24/7, but it’s important that you answer to your client as often and regularly as possible. This will show them how serious you are with the service you’re providing, and with the respect you want to treat them. That, plus an excellent service, you’ll have a happy (and returning) client.

Some companies have implement a business internal communication system such as Slack, an instant message application that allows you to communicate with your team, and your clients. This allows effective and fast communication, and it’s easy to use.

Pro tip: update regularly your clients regarding the work you’re doing, instead of waiting for them to reach you.

  • Let team members help

When possible, allow your team members to participate in the communication flow with the clients. They can communicate better some ideas, help solve problems, or simply fill in when everyone else is busy.

Pro tip: encourage your client to do the same – assign one person to be the bridge of communication between the company and your team.

  • Understand your client

The more you know and understand your client, the more easily you can think ahead and solve problems. When everything is clear, issues are avoided, time is saved, frustrations are dodged and the workflow progresses smoothly.

Pro tip: go ahead and try your best to get to know and understand your client so your offers for them are as customized as possible.

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