Videos are one of the most powerful mediums for marketing these days. More often companies use videos as a lead generation tool, but there is one thing that not everyone yet knows: how to use it correctly to get the most out of it. This way, we’ll explain here how marketing videos help generate leads.

Assuming that the basics are covered, including objectives, defined segment, and target research, let’s begin with the first steps to start your using your videos to promote your company and catch all the leads it will generate for you.


Landing page video

A good video sending the right message can increase dramatically your landing page conversion. Many companies and video production agencies use this resource to promote their services because a well-made video can engage with your potential customer in a way words cannot.

Actually, according to Neil Patel, 95% of viewers do absorb the message of the videos they watch, while you have an approximate of 2.7 minutes to catch the attention of your target and convince them with your message.  Watch this example of a landing page video.


Lead forms in the form of a video

A key strategy for marketing videos to generate leads is lead forms. This is an alternate and much more fun way to increase conversions and generate leads with your marketing videos, is to embed your lead generation form into a fun video that catches the viewer attention while presenting them at the end with the form they need to fill out. A target customer is more likely to fill the form and convert if he feels engaged with a video that represents who your company is, or the services you are trying to sell. Learn here how to write compelling stories for your videos.

There is a diverse catalog of tools that will easily allow you to do this, such as Brightcove, Wistia, and Vidyard. Just pick the one you like the most and give it a try.


Live Video Series for the win

This is the go-live era, and as long as we live in it we should use it in our favor. A live video series with a regular schedule can prove very successful and keep your target customer coming back for more.

SmartBug gives an excellent approach to begin your live video strategy. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. An example of a SMART goal is to produce a 6-episode series, publish weekly, expecting an average of 300 viewers monthly and engagement of 60% over the next 3 t0 6 months.


Email gates to access the content 

Contrary to in-videos lead forms, this strategy is used to obtain the email address of your target customer before accessing the content you want to share. While this can work very well in your sales funnel, first you need to set straight the type of content you are willing to share in the exchange of an email address.

Furthermore, your chances of your audience agreeing to enter their email to get a free pass to the content are highly likely to increase if said content if something valuable to them, such as case studies or inside information of products or events. Keep in mind that if what you are planning to offer in exchange for their email is funny videos or irrelevant content, your chances are dropping off in nosedive.



Marketing videos are proved to increase engagement rates in a way words or images find it more difficult, so it’s time to include in your strategy. At the same time, this increases your brand’s chances of generating more leads and potential customers.

Stay tuned for more information regarding production costs to make the perfect video production for your company.