It’s a fact that video marketing strategies have grown non-stop and companies continue to use it as part of their marketing efforts. Tendencies show that this growth will not stop any time soon, so it’s a must that we start integrating this tactic into when it comes to promotion and publicity planning.

Videos have changed forever the way we consume content since it offers information in a more interactive, visual and entertained manner. This makes any information easily digestible by the consumers. In addition, videos are a natural storytelling channel, which makes it an effective method of persuasion, making our advertising more effective.

Furthermore, video productions are the favorite content consumed by millennials. A recent study from Hubspot proved that 96% of audiences between the ages of 18-34 watch several videos a week, while 75% of millennials watch at least one video every day. IF you want to reach not only millennials but the vast majority of your potential customers, videos will need to take part of your strategies and content production.

The same study shows that video productions actually have been helping brands with their engagement and sales rates because they are influencing the customers in the buying process making. To make it more clear: 64% of consumers claim that marketing videos have influenced them directly in their purchasing decisions.

Trends that will lead video marketing in 2020

Live streaming: Live streaming is taking more importance with every passing day. Ephemeral content has pushed the feeling -known now as FOMO, Fear of Missing Out- in millennial and younger audiences. 13% of traffic in videos comes from streaming, and it’s a very attractive option for brands who are looking to increase engagement and views while keeping it cheap.

Generated by users: user-generated content continues to gain strength. Video marketing strategies are filled with people who with just a cellphone in hand share experiences in a free, extrovert and mostly improvised way, generate high rates of engagement, several of them even becoming viral in a matter of hours. Brands who want to be disruptive can take advantage of this trend. It’s important to understand that for this type of content, mostly you’ll need to be ready for transgressive or out-of-the-box content.

e-learning: DIY types of content have taken over the world, and your only options will be to jump in the train of tutorials, or just watch it pass you by. This type of videos, like tutorials and do it yourself are highly sought, and allows you and a brand to position yourself as an expert, offer added value to your audience and generate valuable content.

VR 360º: 360º videos offer a type of content that is immersive, interactive and real. It is increasingly used in video marketing strategies and 2020 will continue to grow. This type of content is especially useful for traveling or event industries. National Geographic is a great example on how to make and use this type if video.

For now, I will leave you with these marketing trends that I think will be the strongest for video production in this next upcoming year. This article will help you learn the beginners tips to write compelling storytelling for your videos.

Until the next time!

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